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Boston based European Blow Drying training programs and technique

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The network of unofficial websites supporting the European Blow Dry technique and training includes, but is not limited to:

Announcing the next Fall of 2015 Open Class, this page is part of the official European Blow Dry website and allows to find information about the class being held in Newton, Massachusetts, by Denise Rossi personally, and will be a one day blow dry course focusing on the basic aspects of the best blow dry technique that we know. It also allows to reserve a place in the space limited class, and we know that some spots are already taken, so we encourage you to book or inquire ASAP! Good luck!

Best Blow Dry Training in Boston area

Describing the technique as the best available for advanced training of hair stylists, but also for the ultimate blow dry customer satisfaction, Best Blow Dry Boston elevates the technique as the ideal system that can be found in Boston and the Boston area, including Greater Boston and Boston Metrowest. Due to the influence of Boston in the region and the area of the US, it’s probably the best blow drying method in the whole North-East of the nation.

Best Blow Dry Boston

With attractive graphics and beautiful photographs of the European Blow Dry technique styles and looks, this website gives good textual and visual information about the blow dry technique and the training program that revolves around it. It includes the contact information that leads straight to the official European Blow Dry and the creator’s website, Denise Rossi, of Boston, her email account or telephone number.

Best Blow Dry technique

Although not a website esclusively about the European technique of blow drying, this website does publish information, images, updates and commentary about it. It’s in fact a generalistic blog with content in English and in Italian, but you get get straight to the European Blow Dry posts if you click here. Some posts include content not available elsewhere that could be useful for understanding the blow dry technique, training program and trainers.

European Blow Dry articles

This website has beautiful images of beautiful models with beautiful blow drys! It’s basically about amplifying someone’s already existing beauty and revealing it with a European Blow Dry that reflects the style of the moment, the atmosphere of an occasion or the mood of a day, leveraging and enhancing someone’s individual features. 3 girls show a multitude of looks on different types and color of hair in a photo-shoot for European Blow Dry.

Best blow dry finishes

This one-page website is not an official website and it’s not even part of the network of websites officially supporting the European Blow Dry project. It’s a website that serves the technical purpose of performing layout testing. However, the webpage has content which revolves around the European Blow Dry technique, training and the master trainer, Denise Rossi of Boston. Since it’s published for testing, the information included should not be considered totally accurate, exhaustive, nor up-to-date. For better info go to the official website of the European Blow Dry.

Test website about the European Blow Dry

A very small webpage designed to convey visitors who come from search engines to the right official website about the best blow dry technique, method or system that is available, together with the perfect training program to teach and learn it and that’s available to operators like salon owners and hair stylists, and also potential ones like students of beauty schools and hair academies and who want to specialize in hair styling by blow drying. CH1

Blow Dry

A single page website to address the salon owners and whoever else may be interested in Blow Dry Classes and inform them of the exact location online of the official European Blow Dry website where they may find the information that they are looking for.

Blow Dry Classes

Hair salon owners and also managers, may find this page useful to finally get to the definite answer on the internet, the European Blow Dry Training official page of Denise Rossi, together with anybody else who may be similarly interested and who may be looking it up online on search engines and directories.

Blow Dry Training

Hair stylists at all levels of skill and experience can take European Blow Dry Classes because, although innovative and advanced, it’s quite easy to learn and execute in the salon. If that’s what you need and what you’re looking for, head towards the official website of Denise Rossi, where all the info about the European Technique of Blow Drying and Blow Drying Classes are described. In this website you’ll find the direct link to the Blow Dry Technique and Blow Dry Classes.

Blow Dry Training Classes

Even Junior hair stylists can learn and use the European Blow Dry Technique in a productive environment like behind the chair in a hair salon, with one basic Blow Dry Training Course. This website will direct to the official info and contact form to find out more about how and why you, as a hair stylist, possibly even junior, should take a European Blow Dry Training Course.

Blow Dry Training Courses

As a webpage about Blow Dry Classes, this link will bring you to a page where you will find your way to the proper source of information about Blow Dry Classes, that is the best Training you can get for Blow Drys, over at European Blow Dry. The page includes prominent links to the info and to the contacts section of the official website.

Blow Dry Classes

This Blow Dry Courses page includes links to the European Blow Dry, as the best technique for blow drying and subject of a great training program that includes one and two-day Blow Dry Courses, and also retraining courses. To keep the repertoire of available looks fresh and up=to=date, there are Seasonal Courses for the looks of the moment. Go to…

Blow Dry Courses

This website focuses on internet researchers who are in search of a great Blow Dry in Boston, or in the Greater Boston area, or Massachusetts in general, New England. Whether a hair salon client or a professional, like a hair stylist or a hair salon owner/manager, or even a hair school student, you will be informed of the best blow drying technique available on the market and directed to the official website of European Blow Dry

Blow Dry Boston

For the hair stylists in the Boston area, or in the Boston surroundings like Boston Metrowest, North Shore and South Shore, Cape Cod and Islands, Central Massachusetts, even South New Hampshire and Rhode Islands, excellent blow dry training opportunities are easily accessible in the Boston area and if you go to the European Blow Dry official site you will find plenty of info on Denise Rossi’s technique and a message form to find out more before signing up.

Blow Dry Training Boston

Bostonian hair stylists, that is who are based in the Boston area, have easy access to Denise Rossi’s training program. The superb blow dry training classes of Boston are an opportunity that many stylists, hair salon owners and managers, and even ambitious students cannot pass on. If you want to know more why it’s such a great way to propel your career at every stage of expertise,  easily accessible in the Boston area and if you go to the European Blow Dry official site you will find plenty of info on Denise Rossi’s technique and a message form to find out more before signing up.

Blow Dry Training Classes Boston

Boston is an ideal location to find trainers for hair stylists as it’s where Denise Rossi, master hair stylist and colorist at Salon Capri Newton and trainer in the European Blow Dry technique, is based. Although based in the Boston area, she travels to all New England hair salons to teach her carefully designed method of blow drying hair. You can find all the relevant info at her European Blow Dry official site including an email form to ask all the questions you may have before signing up!

Blow Dry Training Courses Boston

Boston is not immune from the trend of prioritizing blow dry services in hair salons, proof is the many new blow dry only salons and lounges that are being opened in all the Greater Boston area.

To help keep track of the hair salons, blow dry only or full service including blow drys of some quality, there’s a new Boston localized directory being set up that focuses on Blow Dry service salons in Boston and the surrounding territory.

It goes by a list of towns and cities in the Greater Boston area, sorted alphabetically, so you can look up all areas by town or city name to find a salon that appears to offer good quality hair stylists and therefore good quality blow drys, whether in the European Blow Dry style or in any other more generic style.

Blow Dry Directory of Greater Boston

When she came back from her professional trip to Europe, lasting 5 years, Denise Rossi brought newly acquired skills and knowledge in the hair styling field, and lots of experience in a more advanced and differently structured hair beauty industry.

This allowed her to introduce a new technique, the now renowned European Blow Dry, and once extensively tested in some of the most affluent hair salons in the Boston area, she decided to spread that same expertise, now further improved with practical experience in the USA.

That’s how and why she designed training programs that are available to individual hair stylists  and hair salon owners and managers, to further the skills available to clients and make them happy and loyal.

Blow Dry Training

Small website that underlines the quality and success of the technique which, inspired by European style, fashion and culture, gave Denise Rossi the possibility to create and design not only a winning method of blow drying in the hair salon, but also effective training programs to spread the word. Denise Rossi enjoys training and sharing her secrets and allowing young professionals of hair salons, hair stylists and artists , to have the opportunity to grow by learning a technique that they will be able to offer to their clients, thus making them happy and loyal followers.

A technique which is better at all levels, will make sure that the best promotional method of all in the industry, the traditional word of mouth, will fill the chair and keep them very busy and become renowned artists.

Best Blow Dry Training


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