Network of Blow Dry supporting sites

The European Blow Dry technique and training benefits from a network of websites that support the project in various ways and forms, promoting it and spreading the word online.

This website also supports the mentioned network and lists the main webpages that are live on the internet and serve the purpose.

The list cannot be complete and perfectly up-to-date, so we encourage website owners and webmasters of the support websites to contact us and suggest their website and any significant revision or change of status.

After a reasonably careful screening, we may include the website in our directory of European Blow Dry supporters, so it can stay focused on the subject and free of low quality and irrelevant content.

Please note that we are not responsible for what is published on the listed websites as, after the preliminary screening, we do not have control over the website contents, including, but not limited to, text, photos, images, logos, taglines, dates and so on.

Should one of the listed websites be a problem of any nature, from copyright infringement to outdated information, please do contact us and we will investigate the matter promptly and eventually decide if and what action to take.

Thank you!


Here’s the latest: Blow Dry @, important info for Blow Dry internet researchers



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