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Typically, a client walks into a hair salon for one of many services including hair coloring, hair cut, hair treatments, hair extensions, hair straightening and more, but rarely just for a straight blow dry or blow out.

That is because blow drying is considered as a way to finish other services like the above.

However, in recent years, blow dries have finally become a primary process and some clients are going to hair salons just for a blow dry.

While getting a blow dry for a special event or week end social life, having your hair stylist blow dry your hair on a regular basis has been rare in America until recently.

If that sounds costly, it doesn’t have to be so; all you need to do is find a skilled hair stylist who can give you a blow dry that looks great and lasts long, for days not just for the night. It may appear more expensive initially, but if it makes your hair look gorgeous and last for days instead of hours, it may suit your lifestyle and character much better and definitely justify going into your favorite hair salon a few more times a month.

We strongly recommend a European Blow Dry, lasting longer and making very different kinds of hair gorgeous and healthy looking, with the added benefit of being quicker than other methods, a hair stylist trained to master the technique is what you should look for, if you’re serious about getting the best!

For info about the European Blow Dry Technique and Training Classes: Denise Rossi of Boston


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