Boston Hair School

The European Blow Dry at the Boston Hair School!

Denise Rossi’s technique is now also part of the Boston Hair School, the main online face of the Salon Capri Advanced Hair Academy, and there was a great class in September at the Downtown Boston location on Newbury St.

Kellie Shaw came all the way from Bennington, VT with a motivated team of hair stylists from Hair Salon Belizimo, to learn the technique and tools which is proving so successful in all blow dry classes by Denise so far.

In Bennington, Vermont, they can now enjoy the European Blow Dry way of blow drying hair in less time, have better quality, and, above all, a styling which lasts for much longer time!

We say Bennington, but we really mean to include all neighboring towns and areas within reach, as the benefits of the technique will be appealing to out of town residents as well.

We wish all the best to Kellie and her hair stylist friends and colleagues, while their careers have definitely stepped up to another level, being able to offer the new and best blow out technique in their portfolio!


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