European Blow Dry and SCAA

SCAA stands for Salon Capri Advanced Academy, which was recently founded by Nick and Amy Penna and also European Blow Dry founder Denise Rossi.

The purpose is to bring an advanced hair training school for hair stylists who want to learn more advanced and modern techniques, to the Boston and New England area.

The European Blow Dry falls neatly into the project, so it was absorbed and integrated into the range of training programs, which range from bangs to men’s cutting, from bridal updos to the best blow dry training!

For this reason, you will soon hear about the European Blow Dry Training and Technique at Salon Capri Advanced Academy of Boston, but with other locations as well, as being offered to hair stylists and salon owners and managers and being taught within the SCAA programs.

So training for hair stylists and hair education for salon owners and managers for their whole teams of stylists has a new, great option and to find more info, you can call 617-999-0269.



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