Do-it-yourself blow dry

Curly brunette after blow dry

Blow Dry technique of softly curling hair by Denise Rossi

In the comfort of your home…why have to go to a salon to have your hair styled, if you can do it yourself in your cozy and quiet (possibly) home?

There are many reasons why it would be better done by a professional hair stylist, in a professional environment, with professional tools, however, rather then just because it’s convenient and easy, there are also reasons why a hair salon may not be an option.

No availability, no transport, no time, whatever the reason, you have to blow out your own hair and it still has to look great!

That’s why Denise Rossi, the inventor of the European Blow Dry, listed 8 tips for better blow drys at home, during an interview at the hair salon where she has been providing high quality blow dries to a very affluent and discerning clientele for many years now.

Thanks to her established techniques, primarily her signature European Blow Dry, she shared the information that is needed to give yourself the best of blow drying at home, without assistance.

You can find the article and interview on FB right here!


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