European Blow Dry Training Schedule

Blow dry training and technique

Training in the European Blow Dry system is going to be available in the Fall in the month of October, most likely in Newton, with the creator of the technique, Denise Rossi as the trainer.

It’s going to be an Open Class with a very limited number of spots, to allow trainer and students to focus on every step and detail of a one-day class and make sure that the technique is totally absorbed and mastered by the end of day 1. The hands-on approach will allow the students to leave knowing that they can replicate what they learned in their environment of origin, whether it’s a traditional full service salon or any other venue, including the spreading blow dry bars and lounges.

This program does not include the more advanced techniques and tools that are the topic of day 2 in 2 day training programs. This class will last 6 hours from 10 AM to 4 PM.

A dedicated webpage is being set up here with more information and news about the training class.

Please make sure you secure your spot as soon as possible, as we are told that some spots have already been taken even before the official launch of the website for inquiries and online registration

We strongly recommend contacting Denise Rossi via her contact form on her official website here or on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.

Good luck!


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