Blown Away Blow Dry Bar and Hair Salon in Kennett Square, PA

If you’re looking for the best hair salon in or around Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and you’re not sure where to go to get the best blow dry, look no further than Blown Away, at 110 South Union St.

After successfully completing an intensive, yet thorough training in the European Blow Dry Technique, the team of stylists at Blown Away are able to provide the best of the existing techniques; while allowing for the greatest quality, they can perform the longest lasting blow dry you’ve ever had in less time than common methods.

The technique is the result of Denise Rossi’s time in Europe, where she lived and worked for many years at prestigious salons and studied at hair academies, mostly in Italy, but also in London.

In Europe blow outs are a primary service offered not just to finish another service, like cut or color, but a service in itself, just as important as any other and probably more.

This culture has now spread to the US where in fact, many blow dry only lounges are successfully opening everywhere and full service hair salons are directing resources by offering blow dries as a standalone service alongside the others, rather than an accessory.

And some salons like Blown Away of Kennett Square had stylists specifically trained to the highest standards in the industry for blow drys and set up an area of the salon only for blow drying, that’s how serious they are about blow dry.

Densie Rossi, designer of the European Blow Dry and trainer for Blown Away, couldn’t be any happier with the stylists she recently worked with and she is very satisfied with their level of understanding the technique and performing gorgeous a gorgeous and long lasting blow dry for all clients.

Rest assured you will have the best experience and you’ll want to come back for more!

Blown Away Blow Dry Bar and Salon is @ 110 South Union St, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, 19348.

For more info click here: Blown Away and European Blow Dry


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